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I have been a patient of Anthony Morris for going on 13 years, on and off. Our relationship started by a recommendation from a friend and the fact that I had bi-lateral epiconalitis among other things. Before coming to Tony, I was treated with a plethora of western procedures over a two-year span, none of which worked and it cost close to $20,000.00. One visit with Tony removed my pain and suffering better than surgery, cortisone injections and physical therapy combined. I’ve found Tony to be a very loving and compassionate man who sincerely cares about people and their well-being. I highly recommend him to friends and family alike. I could never say enough good things about Tony and his practice. He’s a truly blessed healer.

– Steve L.

Before working with Tony, I had a list of what to me seemed like unrelated symptoms and issues. My moods were incredibly erratic. Sometimes I’d cry at the drop of a hat (not great for client relations), many times I was testy and irritable for no apparent reason.  I had knee pain in my right knee and my left shoulder hurt.  I experienced regular visits of brain fog or cloudy thinking in addition to intermittent dizziness.  I lacked clarity and the ability to focus at times.

It’s now 6 months later since I started working with Tony and his protocol.  ALL these symptoms are gone!  Completely!

I don’t cry unless it’s appropriate; I’m not generally testy or irritable.  My knee no longer hurts like it did, neither does my shoulder.  I’m completely clear, no more brain fog or dizziness, and I have the focus from years ago that I seemed to have lost.

I feel better than I have felt in years.  I have energy; I’m not dragging around.  I am very grateful for Tony and his work and my friend who introduced me to him.  I would highly recommend at least checking out his system for any set of complaints!

Thanks for your great work, keep it up.  I’m very grateful!

– Dot S.

For years I was suffering from unexplained symptoms such as pain and fatigue, and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I tried various treatments before being introduced to Nutrition Response Testing by Tony Morris. Within months my symptoms began to disappear. After a year I am finally pain free. I understand this program works for all health issues and I am excited to share this with others in the community.

– Kier W

My daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease and after 8 months of heavy antibiotics she began experiencing extreme mood swings and she was having a very hard time. She stopped the antibiotics and came to Tony for Nutrition Response Testing. This has helped her so much more than the antibiotics. She has more energy and mental clarity and no more mood swings.

When I started Nutrition Response Testing, I had a Cyst in my breast and my energy was low. After being on the diet and supplement program recommended by Tony Morris my breast cyst is completely gone and my energy is up. I am excited about what this system has done for me and for my daughter. It is a thorough, organic way to get the body running optimally on all levels.

– Mimi F

After experiencing joint pain for several years, low libido, insomnia, frequent headaches, backaches and generalized fatigue (and thinking it was just a sign of aging) I saw Anthony Morris last summer and he discovered that I have Lyme, and high levels of mercury which was making all my symptoms worse. He suggested a detox program that consists of supplements and dietary changes, and within 60 days I felt a dramatic change. The first thing I noticed was a decrease in joint pain! In the months that followed, I have experienced continued pain relief, better sleep, renewed libido, almost no backaches or headaches, and lots more energy. Now, a year later, it’s difficult to remember the last time my hips hurt!

I am so grateful to have found a skilled practitioner who was able to suggest a plan that didn’t include harmful pharmaceuticals or invasive and expensive tests.

– Renee R.

After two years in the Nutritional Response Testing program (NRT), I feel normal again. I am writing this with calm focused energy and mental clarity that, because of Lyme disease, has eluded me for the past few years. As a senior in high school, it is a relief to once again walk into stores or hang out with friends without experiencing sensory overload or having the constant threat of panic attack hanging over me.

This treatment has taught me a few things. I have always promised myself I won’t be someone who is afraid of food, who counts calories. And I still stand by that. But I’ve also come to realize what I eat plays a large role in how I feel, in terms of health and energy. A large part of NRT is adding protein to my diet and reducing the amount of carbohydrates I consume. The overall focus is on giving my body lasting, as opposed to instant, energy. I was surprised to discover that, after a few days of increased protein intake and less carbs, carbs did not seem as appealing. This diet change to less carbs and more protein is tangibly connected to higher energy levels for me, as well as reduces Lyme symptoms.

I believe this is a valuable program that has the potential to help many people, beyond the scope of just Lyme disease, and would recommend it without hesitation.

– Olivia C.

Anthony Morris used his acupuncture skills and Chinese herbal medicine to cure a persistent, annoying cough that I suffered from for years. Then I followed a course of treatment under his care, using Nutrition Response Testing therapy to support my organs and bodily functions. I recently had a head cold and for the first time ever a months long cough did not develop. NRT treatment also convinced me to finally decrease my intake of chocolate and sweets, a habit I needed to change.

– Wendy J.

I have been on the NRT program since May 2015.   During this time my ongoing fatigue and exhaustion have decreased dramatically. I am now able to work full-time and drive long distances without the frequent rest breaks that were necessary before.

Being on the NRT program has also incurred a slow, gradual lifestyle change for me. I have found that simple changes to my diet have eliminated frequent headaches, and enabled me to build up some reserves so I feel stronger throughout the day. My immune system continues to improve; I have fewer colds and “off” days. With the extra energy I have gained, I have been even able to start a moderate exercise program again. I believe NRT has dramatically improved my health in a very short time and recommend this program without hesitation.

I have been suffering for the last six years since being bit by a tick. I have had extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, very painful elbows, fingers, and back. I feel so much better in the last two months. I have kept with the dietary restrictions and never missed a dosage. My energy level is great. I have even managed to quit drinking coffee. Almost all of my symptoms are gone in two months. Thanks to the whole office.

– Gary V.

I started seeing Tony Morris on January 22, 2016. I have been dealing with constipation, low energy, sleep problems, and brain fog. Today is my beginning of my second week on this program. I am greatly improved in all areas of above listed issues. I feel 100% better from energy level and from lack of sleep (that was chronic). Also no more constipation nor brain fog. I am one “happy camper.” This has been life changing!

Thank you to Tony and his staff!

– Kristine S.

In the short amount of time I’ve been on the program I’ve experienced great changes in my health and well-being. My gastrointestinal issues have greatly improved, my fatigue has disappeared, and my body aches are almost non-existent.

– Paula H.

For four years, I have been dealing with burning in my arms. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and have done antibiotics along with other herbs and medicines. Then I found out about Anthony Morris. During this time I found that my symptoms improved and my over-all health had improved. Just last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This has changed my life. Anthony Morris has saved my life. Without his treatment I don’t know where I would be. Thank you so much.

– Shawna R.

Anthony and his staff are the greatest. I have received Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Nutrition Response supplements. They are off the chart!

– Bob P.